Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's no secret that I am all for allowing marriage rights to gays. When I heard that Miss California had offered her contrary opinion during the Miss USA pageant I was slightly annoyed. I was even more annoyed when I saw a clip from the pageant: Prejean starting off with a decent answer and then degenerating into a nincompoop (you are representing the USA, which encompasses all opinions, honey, learn audience sensitivity) and Perez Hilton for setting her up with a loaded question (considering he is a homosexual and apparently only satisfied with--and expecting--one answer).

My opinion of the whole situation has not improved.

I read Perez's blog on a daily basis and am sick of him picking on her. It is getting really old. However, she is doing nothing to improve her image by attaching herself to the No Offense Campaign (AKA National Organization for Marriage), who are the people who put out the Gathering Storm video that Stephen Colbert wonderfully mocked.

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Now, Prejean has this. (For you lazies, her boobies are in pictures.)

Anyway, what has this world come to when a person cannot openly state that she was raised in a home that valued marriage between a man and a woman? How intolerant of us, huh? We should learn to be more open-minded of other peoples' opinions, belief systems, and lifestyles.

Oh, wait.