Sunday, March 29, 2009


All of the sudden the metaphoric meaning behind the lyrics "I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy..." makes more sense to me. I live in Maricopa county, which means me Sheriff is Joe Arpaio. (Insert groan here because you either know where I am going with this or you can't stand the guy either.) The rest of the country looks at this guy as a quirky, entertaining, hard-ass sheriff who dreamed up the pink underwear, tent city, and green bologna. I've heard people say Arizona is lucky to have Joe. That's like saying Germany was really lucky to have Adolf Hitler because he loosened up the real estate market and created jobs. This guy is a piece of work--and mark my words, by saying this I except to be arrested soon on trumped up charges for some littering violation.

Known as "America's Toughest Sheriff", this guy also has the most innovative public relations department. He is on the evening news, literally, at least twice a week. Currently he is under investigation by the US Department of Justice and Congress for violating laws related to his immigration crackdown. Basically, Arpaio likes to round illegals in raids, arrest them, etc. and in some of those raids are actual US citizens. He doesn't see anything wrong with this. By this, I mean taking away the rights of native or naturalized citizens.

Something else Arpaio is in the news for: demanding $1 million dollars from the State for salary raises for his deputies. I'm all for paying for safety--honestly I think those men need a bonus for putting up with him--but we are in something called a recession. You'd think it takes balls to go to the legislature and make those sorts of demands, but it really doesn't. Our lawmakers l-o-v-e Arpaio. Seriously, I think they send each other Valentines and give each other massages.

This morning I tried not to throw-up my Cheerios when I read that the reality TV show Arpaio just filmed "didn't cost much money" to the Arizona taxpayer. Right near this headline: Arizona $3 Billion Deficit Looms Large for Lawmakers". WTF?

I'm pretty sure that if asked Arpaio would say that we should not scrimp at all when it comes to funding any program he dreams up because it is in the good of public safety. But what about health care, education, transportation, etc, etc?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Pope Benedict XVI went to Africa and reiteratred the church's stance against on condom use. In Africa. No condoms. Seriously. From CNN, "More than 22 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are infected with HIV, according to a 2008 UNAIDS/WHO report. Nine out of 10 children with HIV in the world live in the region, which has 11.4 million orphans because of AIDS, the report said, and 1.5 million people there died of the disease in 2007."

This guy is an idiot.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I read this in the paper this morning. The article alleges that Arizona's new Governor is using bullying tactics against other lawmakers in her own party. Well, I ask the Arizona legislatures: How do you like it? For years, this mainly Republican group has bullied and ignored constituents and lawmakers from different parties. What are these lawmakers upset about? Brewer taking federal monies for childcare subsidies. Yeah, taking money made available for daycare costs for (how do I say this delicately?) the poor. If you want to know how "un-liberal" I can be, here you go. I do not like the direction we are going to be a welfare state, HOWEVER this money is provided to people who are WORKING--as in contributing to the system. How can we possibly rebuild the infrastructure of this country if people cannot work due to daycare? Also, what kind of care will be provided if children are not placed in proper care? The daycares that participate in the state programs are ones that are monitored by the state, which means proper ratios, clean environments, decent nutrition, etc.

On a side not, as part of my current graduate program I am taking a class called "Publicity and Politics of Administration". I've only been to one class and I am already pissed. I know I sound really naive, but... Do you know how often your representatives votes against the wishes of their constituents? Do you know how often legislatures vote as a "favor" for a deal they made with another lawmaker? Do you know how often these people votes contrary to what they promised while they campaigned? Um, a lot. The main focus of this class is to discuss the ins and outs of Arizona lawmaking so we are more informed administrators and citizens. It is also providing a different perspective when I read articles like the one above.