Saturday, April 18, 2009


Can someone explain to me why people are pissed about us lifting parts of the Cuban embargo. I mean, c'mon... I keep hearing crap about Cuban policy, etc. and no one is saying anything about China. Well, except for my boyfriend.

Tea Party

I know the Tea Party Protests are supposed to be for all types of citizens, but it is was predominantly promoted by conservatives, especially those against President Obama. If I recall correctly it was President Bush who started handing out money to bailout companies. If I recall correctly it was this first handout that was done poorly with undisclosed amounts of money going to companies who padded their personal bank accounts. I don't agree with a majority of the current bailout plans, but I do appreciate that I know how much money is going where and under what circumstances.

That said, my anger lies with the people who recklessly spent outside their means and/or who don't qualify for the bailout plans in which they are participating. (poor sentence structure, sue me--I am pissed) If Republicans tout "individual responsibility," a tenant which I embrace, then stop pointing fingers at the people attempting to pick up the pieces. I was, and continue to be, responsible and all I have to show for it is an incredible amount of tax debt.

My shit list:
  • People who flipped houses. Thanks, I can't sell my house.
  • Wall Street
  • People who foreclosed to get a better deal.
  • Mortgage companies that played the game
  • Wall Street
  • Those (probably Republicans) who blame Clinton for this mess. Really? I mean, how many conservative administrations have we had in thirty years and he is the only one to blame? Knock it off.
  • Those (Democrats and Republicans) for enabling companies to play games (ARMs, high credit limits, etc.)
  • Those who don't seem to understand that better business means weeding out the morons (General Motors).
  • Mesans who don't get the concept of how beneficial a property tax would be in the face of this mess.
  • Anyone who thinks they have an answer how to get us out of this mess. Knock it off Nostradamus.
  • Anyone in Arizona who voted for the current State Legislature, especially Russell Pearce. In the face this disaster they are acting like sanctimonious assholes...kind of like Wall Street.
  • People who solely blame Obama for this mess.
  • People who solely blame W for this mess.
  • The media.

I missing a lot of people. Help me out.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Litchfield is cutting 78, Peoria over 300, Gilbert 267, Scottsdale 250, Tucson (2nd largest district) approved 600, and Mesa--my district and the largest--is only starting to make cuts. The list goes on.

The East Valley Tribune wrote a distasteful article today titled "Teacher layoffs painful but not a tragedy". If there is any proof that the media is out to hurt education, this is my exhibit A. This article essentially lays blame with the school districts for creating the panic, attempting to turn the public anger on the Legislature. The poor, poor Legislature. Yeah, the guys who can't make a decision regarding the budget and are twiddling their fingers while the school districts are following the LAW and notifying employees of RIFs (reduction in force) by the LEGAL deadline. This is the Legislature that has made Arizona go from 24th to 50th in per pupil spending in the span of 30 years. This is the Legislature that contains lawmakers who are openly disgusted with educators, like Mesa's rep, Russell Pearce who this time last year considered proposing Legislatures to mandate classroom curriculum because he was concerned the classrooms were becoming breeding grounds for liberal trash.

Before you ask me why teachers don't strike. Answer: Arizona is a right to work state.