Saturday, November 15, 2008

To start...

I have always been a pretty opinionated person, but that doesn't mean I don't like a well-rounded discussion. I have found myself over the last couple of months using my family blog to post my political ideology. While my husband and I share many of the same political opinions, I strayed from the original course of a family blog, which was to update friends and family on our coming and goings, etc. I realized I was turning some off to visiting the family blog because they didn't want to endure my political rants. The great thing about the blogosphere is the infinite possibility of rebranding yourself.

This blog will be political in nature and I encourage others to present their opinions. If you would be interested in joining in and writing a guest blog, I encourage you to do so, just email me a submission. I am not interested in making this a left-leaning place, though if I don't get a variety of opinions it will certainly seem so. I have a great deal of intelligent and well-spoken friends, so I hope to hear some good stuff!

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EmperorDarTea said...

all of Keiko's friends are smarter than me