Friday, February 13, 2009


I don't think I would call myself a hardcore liberal (despite what some of you think) because I have issues with abortion past the first trimester, I don't believe in completely curbing gun rights, and I tend to be "fiscally conservative". One of the things that I have been pretty "on the fence" about is immigration, which is odd since I am in a border state and it is ALWAYS the hot topic and everyone has picked a side. My thoughts on the issues have changed recently, let me explain...

As a teacher it is illegal and unethical for me to ask students if they are legal citizens. My job is to educate. Period. I actually don't really think about my students' status. When talking about illegal immigration people often point out that I should be the most upset because II take up space, resources, etc. The reality is education gets more money based on numbers, legal or not.

Work aside, I used to be only mildly annoyed by IIs, but not enough to believe they should be rounded up and shown the door. I understood the argument that they were breaking the law, but was sympathetic to the lengths these people would go to support their families. I would get angry at our stupid Sheriff for rounding up anyone with a Mexican surname and asking for their papers and I was annoyed that I would have to go through three different employees to find someone who spoke English. I realize how essential IIs are to our economy, and that is OUR fault because we ALLOWED it to be that way. Realistically the only reason there has been little done regarding immigration is that there is little or no middle ground.

Well, it only takes a bit of a recession for my perspective to shift a bit. We can barely help ourselves, but we are still doing enough to help out IIs. Our health care system is falling apart and I am paying ridiculous fees for my kid when the waiting rooms are packed with colds, allergies, and minor ailments. I can't even think about selling my home because our II neighbors could not afford their mortgage and bailed to go back to Mexico.

I feel like a hypocrite. I feel like a racist. I feel apologetic.

MMMM, thoughts?


EmperorDarTea said...

I am also torn on this issue. I just think it is wrong to profit on the backs of anyone and then kick 'em in the butt when things get dicey. I also think it is wrong to break the law and be rewarded for doing so.

IMHO, at the end of the day is it most prudent to consider only those options that can actually be implemented. I think you'll agree there are very few of those -- even fewer when you consider the rhetoric that will populate the airwaves and consume the political arena.

Man...could there be more 900 lb. gorillas in our midst? Anyone seen Diane Fossey?

witticism here said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! So many people in AZ think we should just kick them out. Obviously, not the most realistic option.

Valerie said...

You've echoed my thoughts most accurately. I do believe the only solution lies within Mexico's borders. Until THEIR economy can support their people, until THEIR opportunities increase, until THEIR resources answer their people's needs, II will continue to seek a better life. Many truly don't wish to leave their homeland.

The irony? Now that OUR economy is tanking, perhaps this will be an "accidental solution" in encouraging many to seek elsewhere.

A most complicated issue, and one which every Arizonan is both blessed and cursed by II.

EmperorDarTea said...


I saw a news show about the number of non-returning illegal alien students. In fact, the economy is such that many are returning to their native lands. Also, and to confirm your thoughts, I see great national pride in the people of Mexico and other nations. This isn;t an issue of their not wanting to stay in their native is as simple as thirsty people going to where the water is!