Sunday, February 15, 2009


Jeff got an email tonight from the Democratic Party explaining how to get tickets to attend Obama's visit to Arizona (in Mesa at Dobson High School). I am thinking about trying to get a ticket despite the fact I have class that night and I missed class last week's class to a rockin' migraine. Here is what I would say (you know...if I got a ticket and I got to say something):

Mr. President,

I am one of those people who makes just enough money to be above the cut in the middle class, yet I still live paycheck to paycheck. I took a 30-year fixed loan, therefore I can pay my mortgage, yet my neighbors have foreclosed leaving me unable to sell my home or have any equity. I proudly voted for you, yet I watch as you create a stimulus package that provides little if anything for me. (Excuse the 'Legends of the Fall' allusion here) I followed all the rules, but have nothing to show--I actually have LESS, because as a teacher I am getting ready to take a serious pay cut and I am concerned about my husband's job. While I think it is silly for the GOP to talk about yet another tax cut--since how do the lower and middle class (AKA the unemployed) benefit from that?--I think it is equally silly for you to ignore a significant portion of tax-paying, struggling Americans who followed the rules. I believe there has to be accountability and companies/homeowners/etc must suffer their stupidity.

Stop ignoring me. It pissed me off during the elections (you and McCain both) and it aggravates me now!

Oh...and please start forgiving teachers, nurses, and other public officials of school debt. I mean c'mon, there is a great provision for the stimulus package.


Valerie said...

Tom and I waited in line for three hours to no avail. Those who got tickets were those who had waited ALL NIGHT. Hell, they earned it.

But we had a fun 3 hours standing with wonderful strangers-now-friends. The positive energy that surrounds our new leader continues to be contagious.

I remain hopeful.

Valerie said...

By the way I hope you will send your comments to the White House. They (someone there) DO read the mail and that's how they find people to highlight. Do it!

witticism here said...

Just emailed my comment! Thanks, Val!