Sunday, March 15, 2009


I read this in the paper this morning. The article alleges that Arizona's new Governor is using bullying tactics against other lawmakers in her own party. Well, I ask the Arizona legislatures: How do you like it? For years, this mainly Republican group has bullied and ignored constituents and lawmakers from different parties. What are these lawmakers upset about? Brewer taking federal monies for childcare subsidies. Yeah, taking money made available for daycare costs for (how do I say this delicately?) the poor. If you want to know how "un-liberal" I can be, here you go. I do not like the direction we are going to be a welfare state, HOWEVER this money is provided to people who are WORKING--as in contributing to the system. How can we possibly rebuild the infrastructure of this country if people cannot work due to daycare? Also, what kind of care will be provided if children are not placed in proper care? The daycares that participate in the state programs are ones that are monitored by the state, which means proper ratios, clean environments, decent nutrition, etc.

On a side not, as part of my current graduate program I am taking a class called "Publicity and Politics of Administration". I've only been to one class and I am already pissed. I know I sound really naive, but... Do you know how often your representatives votes against the wishes of their constituents? Do you know how often legislatures vote as a "favor" for a deal they made with another lawmaker? Do you know how often these people votes contrary to what they promised while they campaigned? Um, a lot. The main focus of this class is to discuss the ins and outs of Arizona lawmaking so we are more informed administrators and citizens. It is also providing a different perspective when I read articles like the one above.

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