Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Litchfield is cutting 78, Peoria over 300, Gilbert 267, Scottsdale 250, Tucson (2nd largest district) approved 600, and Mesa--my district and the largest--is only starting to make cuts. The list goes on.

The East Valley Tribune wrote a distasteful article today titled "Teacher layoffs painful but not a tragedy". If there is any proof that the media is out to hurt education, this is my exhibit A. This article essentially lays blame with the school districts for creating the panic, attempting to turn the public anger on the Legislature. The poor, poor Legislature. Yeah, the guys who can't make a decision regarding the budget and are twiddling their fingers while the school districts are following the LAW and notifying employees of RIFs (reduction in force) by the LEGAL deadline. This is the Legislature that has made Arizona go from 24th to 50th in per pupil spending in the span of 30 years. This is the Legislature that contains lawmakers who are openly disgusted with educators, like Mesa's rep, Russell Pearce who this time last year considered proposing Legislatures to mandate classroom curriculum because he was concerned the classrooms were becoming breeding grounds for liberal trash.

Before you ask me why teachers don't strike. Answer: Arizona is a right to work state.


Katy said...

What's the plan when they lay off all those teachers? Just fill the classrooms more?

Valerie said...

Yes, Katy, and turn their heads denying it doesn't affect learning. Every teacher knows better.

Having taught in this ostrich-laden state for thirty years, I've done my share of picketing, writing letters, standing outside the capitol.

This state is in the top 5 for penal spending and bottom for ed. spending. Am I the only one who can connect these dots?

I feel pain for those teachers leaving this profession (and they won't come back) but even more for those who will continue to fight the fight and try their hardest to "shut the door and teach." It is still the noblest, soul-nourishing work toward a greater society.

Keiko, we need ya. Hope you can hang in.

witticism here said...

I'm still there and intend on being there for a long time.